Phil Duncan
Musician, Singer songwriter, Primary School Teacher

As a teacher, I am continually amazed how the kids I teach, love to sing and perform.
It was their sense of fun and positivity that inspired me to create a collection of songs for children – songs with catchy melodies and up-beat sounds, that adults happen to love too!

Captured in the album “Magic every day”, the lyrics promote aspirations, encourage identity, positivity and hold simple everyday themes. The words are combined with various styles such as pop, funk, reggae, rock and even some country styles.

I wanted these songs to have really good melodies that express my love of music, and to have lyrics that everyone can easily relate to. Some of the songs were developed over the years, and some, literally in minutes. The creative musical process is continuously open and evolving. The musical arrangements offer a rich layer of sounds achieved through the production and recording expertise of Joe Hoonhout, the supporting musicians and backing vocals.

Listen, sing, and enjoy.
This is and the songs are ‘magic every day’.

All songs and main vocals by Phil Duncan
Produced by:
Joe Hoonhout, Peerless Records Limited
Patrick Kuhtze – drums
Dan Antunovich – bass
Arli Liberman – electric & acoustic guitar
Backing vocals:
Joe Hoonhout & his children Ana, Lulu and Max
Mema Maeli
Jimmy Bonar
Artistic Design:
Fiona August